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Parisian Showroom


Parisian Showroom

Showroom Parisien Cannes Fayet

Since 2015, Maison Fayet® has opened a shop/showroom space in the heart of the capital. Located at passage Jouffroy, near the Grevin Museum, the Galerie Fayet® succeeds the Segas brothers' famous antique cane shop.

Having preserved the atmosphere of this place, full of stories, the Fayet House invites all the aesthetes, amateurs or collectors to find the creations of the manufacture, stamped with the Lion, symbol of the brand.

Extraordinary canes of the 18th and 19th centuries made of horn, precious stones or silver will be alongside all contemporary canes as well as the range of umbrellas and umbrellas of prestige made also within the House.

Through the charming Jouffroy passage, the opportunity will be given to discover the history, heritage and modernity of the beautiful Fayet® canes collection.

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